Balance & Coordination Therapy



This is a cutting edge area in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation.


A4 Clinics is proud to be the first center in Central India offering computer game-based virtual rehabilitation to patients with neuromuscular diseases.


There are two types of virtual rehab available:

  1. Balance and coordination therapy

  2. Whole body movement therapy

Using a motion sensitive controllers, Virtual Rehab allows patients to simulate real-life activities. This helps improve their balance, strength, motor skills and range of movement.

Additionally, we provide manual therapy, gait training to improve balance and coordination. 

Diseases in which virtual rehab is useful:

- Parkinson's disease
- Stroke (paralysis)
- Spinal cord injury / paraplegia
- Cerebral palsy
- Repeated falls in elderly patients
- Muscular dystrophy
- Brain injury

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