Strength & Movement Therapy

For patients with a variety of neuromuscular disorders, we incorporate MOVEMENT AND STRENGTH THERAPY. 

This therapy includes both an ARM TRAINER and a LEG TRAINER. 

We utilize three modes of therapy based on patients’ need: 


  1. Passive movement – in this mode, the machine provides the full power. This is great for patients with no to minimal power. This mode helps with the movement and flexibility of muscles. 

  2. Assistive movement – In this mode, the machine assists you in the movement. This is great for patients with some muscle power. This mode helps with gradual strength building of muscles. 

  3. Active-resistive movement – in this mode, the machine offers gradual resistance. This is great for further strength building in muscles. 


Additionally, in this therapy, we provide Right-Left Symmetry Training. This is especially helpful in gait training. 

We also utilize “SPASM DETECTION” technology for patients who have spasticity or tightness of muscles. In the case of spasm, the trainer automatically works on relieving the spasm. This helps avoid damage to the muscles. 

This therapy is useful for patients with:

1.    Stroke (paralysis, lakwa)
2.    Brain injury / brain hemorrhage
3.    Multiple sclerosis
4.    Parkinson’s Disease
5.    Spinal cord injury
6.    Muscle dystrophy
7.    Leg weakness / mobilization etc. 

Benefits of Strength and Movement Therapy:

1.    Reduced muscle spasticity (tightness)
2.    Strengthening of joints and muscles
3.    Improved ability to walk
4.    Improved balance and coordination
5.    Improved physical and mental well-being

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